The workshop will be held online from November 3rd to 8th and there is no registration fee. During the workshop, we will use the introductory tutorial Bronze prepared by QWorld. Participants are required to have some level of proficiency in English to follow the video tutorials, but mentors will communicate with attendees both in English and Spanish. We will use Discord to communicate with the workshop attendees, and we will host daily Zoom meetings for reviewing material and answer potential questions participants might have.

Participants completing the workshop successfully will receive a diploma.

The workshop material will cover the following topics: basics of classical systems, basics of quantum systems, basic quantum operators, quantum correlation and quantum protocols, and quantum search algorithm.

The tutorial is a collection of Jupyter notebooks, and each notebook has a recorded lecture. We use python to solve the tasks and Qiskit library to code quantum programs through the platform provided by Strangeworks.

This is also the entangling event of QMexico with the QCousins network of QWorld

More details in our scheduled event