Webinar: Exploring Quantum Computing For High-Energy Physics


We are extremely happy to invite you to our webinar. We will be hosting PhD Andrea Delgado, research staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, to discuss her knowledge about two of the most active research areas of physics! Join us on our YouTube channel next Tuesday, October 13 at 11 AM (GMT-5).

Entanglement Workshop QMexico


We are organizing an online and free introductory workshop on quantum computing and programming. We are inviting high school students, university and graduate students, researchers, professors, and working people to learn the basics of quantum computing and how to write simple quantum programs. During the workshop, we will use the introductory tutorial Bronze by QWorld. […]

Webinar: Introduction to quantum computing


Please join us for our next QTalk-Mexico In this next edition, we will have Pawel Gora, M.Sc., CEO at Quantum AI Foundation. Pawel will be giving an introduction to quantum computing, laying out the basic concepts and algorithms, and contrasting them with their classical counterpart. He will also outline the biggest challenges facing this field. […]

QWinter Workshop 2023 by QMexico

This workshop aims to share knowledge about Quantum Computing at the high school level, introducing basic concepts that allow knowing more about quantum computing. About This course will be on January 11 and 14, and all those interested in learning more about quantum computing are welcome. The material and the live sessions will be in […]